Stacks recap – June 2022 edition

written by George Peacock

Stacks recap – June 2022 edition

Here’s our monthly recap of what’s going on and being built in the Stacks ecosystem. 🔍


  • We went to Bitcoin Unleashed to discuss our support for Bitcoin Odyssey
  • Trust Machines raised $150 million
  • GameFi, NFTs, and metaverse projects keep flourishing on Stacks 🚀

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Keeping up with Stacks

Stacks is a layer one smart-contract protocol that is immutably anchored to and secured by the Bitcoin blockchain itself. And since projects built on Stacks can inherit its security and decentralization features, building on it has exploded.

In fact, there’s so much activity in the Stacks world that we’re now going to regularly highlight and provide updates about many of these ongoing projects. Here’s what’s happened in the last few weeks. 👇

Okcoin unleashes the Bitcoin Odyssey

If you want to get a sense of the Stacks community, you can check the session videos from the Bitcoin Unleashed Conference that happened in Miami this past April. It includes, among many others, a session discussing our participation in the $165 million Bitcoin Odyssey Fund, dedicated to supporting the development of decentralized apps on Bitcoin and Stacks. 💪

Learn more about Bitcoin Odyssey

Trust Machines raise $150 million

Blockstack co-founder Muneeb Ali (now CEO of Trust Machines) and Princeton University professor J.P. Singh have raised $150 million in funding for Trust Machines to expand Bitcoin through Stacks as a Web3 platform. Ali is also the executive chairman at Hiro, the primary developer of Stacks.

Neal Stephenson joins the Stacks metaverse

Stacks also hosted a Web3 Week for creators, musicians, and artists at the beginning of June, including a GameFi and Metaverse track with Neal Stephenson, the man credited with coining the word metaverse. Stacks addresses, smart contracts built, and total value locked (TVL) have all increased significantly since Q1 – a tangible sign of a growing and thriving ecosystem. 👀

Stacks Ventures demos the future

On June 15 and 16, Stacks Ventures hosted Demo Days, featuring the Cohort 2 teams who are building the future of Stacks on Bitcoin – 24 teams working on projects related to wireless networking, Web3, gaming, NFTs, DAOs, education, DeFi, health, climate, music, real estate, hardware, civic tech, and more. You can watch both days, here and here.

STXNFT rebrands to Gamma, a platform built around NFTs on Stacks, has rebranded to As they put it in their announcement blog post, “Today, we’re excited to introduce Gamma to the world: a platform built to become a hub for the world’s Web3 social identity, centered around NFTs. Gamma aims to serve as the home for collectors, creators, and investors to come together to explore, trade, and showcase extraordinary NFTs through the Bitcoin ecosystem.”

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