Bitcoin SV (BSV) is back!

written by Stephane Marbeau

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is back!

We’ve decided to relist Bitcoin SV (BSV). You can now trade BSV against USD on Okcoin. We removed it from our platform in February 2021, but it’s back. Here’s why. 👇

Why relist Bitcoin SV?

One year ago, we decided to suspend trading for Bitcoin SV (BSV), based on the information we had available at the time. We think it’s time to revisit our decision now.

See the price

Just kidding. Bitcoin is king.

We have no plans to relist BSV. Our initial reasons for delisting, like intentional brand confusion and BSV’s legal attacks against open source developers, haven’t changed. And, more than ever, Bitcoin is king.

In fact, since the delisting, we’ve doubled down on our Bitcoin-first vision:

Take this April Fools’ as a reminder to stay true to Bitcoin’s ethos: Don’t trust, verify – and always do your own research!


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