Bitcoin 2022 highlights

written by Stephane Marbeau

Bitcoin 2022 highlights

Over 20,000 people met in Miami to talk about Bitcoin and our team was glad to meet some of you there. Here’s some of our highlights. 👇

We unleashed Bitcoin

Our Head of Listings Alex Chizhik and our COO Jason Lau spoke on panels at Stacks’ conference, Bitcoin Unleashed. Coming out of our Bitcoin Odyssey announcement, we’re even more excited about Stacks projects and innovation on top of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Unleashed – Stacks Summit

We celebrated Bitcoin for All

We brought together 300 people – while hosting a live filming session for Natalie Brunell’s podcast with guest Anita Posch to discuss the grant she received from our Crypto for All initiative and her work on Bitcoin for Fairness. 💪

Okcoin – Bitcoin for All

Okcoin – Bitcoin for All

We contributed another $150,000 to Bitcoin open source development

We’re giving Brink $150,000 to support Gloria Zhao’s work as a Bitcoin Core developer. She will be working on resolving some crucial security challenges in Bitcoin and Lightning. This brings our contributions to open source development well over $1M. 🚀

Read about how Bitcoin development works in our free report, Giving Back to Bitcoin 

We recorded conversations with your favorite Bitcoiners

We’ve filmed a bunch of content with the biggest names in Bitcoin. That meant two full days of shooting with Natalie Brunell, Adam Back, Sarah Satoshi, Robert Breedlove, Pomp, and more. 

Watch our chat with Sarah Satoshi about Ladies in Bitcoin and how women are the next wave of Bitcoiners:

Women Are The Next Wave Of Bitcoiners w/ Sarah Satoshi | Okcoin Live #24

There’s much more to come

Bitcoin 22 was amazing but there are lots of other events to look forward to this year. That includes eMerge, also in Miami, where our CEO Hong Fang will be speaking April 19 at 10.30 am. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest crypto news and events.

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