Product Updates Based on Requests from the Community

written by OKCoin

Product Updates Based on Requests from the Community

Our lowest BTC withdrawal makes it easy to access your capital, and more

Your experience drives our work at OKCoin. Our dedicated product team is focused on improving and delivering what you ask for. We’re working to ensure that you can quickly and securely buy and sell cryptocurrencies with the reliable tools you need.

You asked for changes and we’ve made them. In this month’s product update we focused on making it easier to withdraw BTC, increased efficiency for account reporting with the launch of the Research Center, and created a new Order History report for improved visibility of all your trading activity.

Lowered the BTC withdrawal limit

Your crypto, your moves. Deposit and withdrawal features are critical infrastructures for the growth of the crypto community. Without feasible mechanisms in place, it becomes a challenge to freely move assets in and out of the ecosystem. That’s why on May 19th, we answered your request to lower the BTC minimum from 0.01 BTC to 0.001 BTC.

Being able to quickly and easily withdraw your crypto, at a minimum more suitable for investors at any level, is a core feature in making trading attainable to all.

Launched the Report Center 

OKCoin’s Report Center provides a much improved reporting experience with a central data location. The Report Center makes it easy and efficient to pull account history. View and download your account, order, and transfer history, and find exactly what you’re looking for with simpler report filters.

Customers can access the Report Center here, or from the dropdown “Assets” once logged in. You’ll see when you funded your account, your trading history, and your savings account.

New Order History report

Seeing completed trades is now easier and faster with a central place to access your data and a more intuitive design for improved user experience. Your Order History report is available to be viewed or downloaded and provides a full history of buys and sells, or “fills.” 

Access the Report Center here, or from the dropdown “Assets” once logged in. You’ll find your history of orders with spot and margin orders and be able to filter by date, pairs, buy or sell, and order type. 

Maintaining low fees 

Fees shouldn’t get in your way of trading or acquiring digital assets. Across low and large volume traders, our fees are amongst the lowest of our peers. OKCoin is committed to ensuring fees stay competitive and providing cost-efficient services for all of our customers. 

The crypto financial system is constantly evolving and we’re working alongside to ensure that we’re continually improving. Have a suggestion? Get in touch with us: 

We’re committed to providing a reliable trading experience, especially when volatility hits. Start trading now and get free bitcoin through our Refer-a-Friend program. 

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