You Asked, We Delivered: August Product Update

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You Asked, We Delivered: August Product Update

Our exchange is built for you, our global crypto traders and investors. When you share feedback with us, we try our best to act on it in a timely way. 

This past month we have made updates to our account process, increasing your daily deposit limit and making it faster to access your funds. We added an innovative feature for USDK to quickly convert between the stablecoin and USD and we updated our homepage to reflect an improved user experience based on customer survey responses. Lowering our deposit requirement on referral bonuses, something — you — our best customers have requested and we are delighted to make that happen. Plus, It’s now easier to earn free Bitcoin when someone you know signs up for OKCoin using your referral code.

Fund your account faster

It should be easy to buy and sell crypto. Our latest ACH update allows increased deposits with faster access to your funds. Our new instant USD deposits come with zero fees on withdrawals and/or deposits. You can even deposit as low as USD $5 at a time.

Learn more about our updates or get started with funding your account.

OKCoin homepage refresh

OKCoin is on a mission to make crypto investing and trading more accessible to anyone around the world. We imagine a world where everyone is a trader. Making crypto accessible means good product design, and so we’re constantly evolving our user experience. 

Key updates:

  • Showcasing OKCoin’s key strengths including low fees, top grade security, and best uptime 
  • A cleaner look and feel
  • Making sure the assets we support are more discoverable 
  • Highlighting the 3 easy steps to getting started 

Learn more about our homepage refresh

Easier ways to earn free bitcoin

We heard your requests, and we lowered the amount that the new user must deposit from USD $500 to $100 in order for your referral bonus to be triggered.

Earn $10 USD of free Bitcoin for every new customer you send to OKCoin who deposits just USD $100 into their account. 

Simply share a referral link with your network, and let the BTC be added to your account.

Welcoming Minnesota traders!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently added Minnesota to our list of state licenses. We now offer fiat-to-token and token-to-token trading in Minnesota. OKCoin’s trading services continue to grow — next up is Virginia!

OKCoin is licensed or permitted to offer services in 41 states for token-to-token and USD-to-token trading, and 5 states for token-to-token trading, with more coming soon. See the full list of OKCoin’s licenses here.

Easily convert USD to USDK stablecoin

In July we debuted USDK, a stablecoin offering price stability within the crypto market, backed 1:1 by USD. 

With our latest “Convert” feature, you can convert your USD to a stablecoin for free. To use the feature, visit the OKCoin website, click Assets > My Assets. Hover over or click the Action options for either USDK or USD, then click Convert

Convert is presently only available to users outside of the US, EU, Singapore, and Brunei.

Convert only supports conversions between USD and USDK. Over time, this feature will be rolled out to more stablecoin assets on OKCoin. Stablecoins offer a valuable market service, enabling traders to move in and out of cryptocurrencies without converting to fiat currency. 

Keeping fees low

OKCoin trading fees are amongst the lowest in the industry because we believe that fees should not get in the way of acquiring and trading digital assets. Across low and large volume traders, our fees are amongst the lowest of our peers. We’re committed to ensuring fees stay competitive and providing cost-efficient services for all of our customers. Crypto Briefing recently published a review of OKCoin, comparing our fees to other crypto exchanges, check it out.

OKCoin provides a low BTC withdrawal limit at just 0.001 BTC — read more in our previous product update.

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Everyone is a trader

Crypto adoption continues to grow, but the industry is still young. We believe that trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be available to everyone, everywhere. OKCoin is working to make the trading experience easy and reliable, removing friction points wherever possible. We’re a collective of global citizens with a common passion to help decentralize finance and level the economic playing field for everyone around the world.

We’re constantly evolving and encourage feedback from our users. Have a product suggestion? Get in touch with us:

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