Why it pays to Earn

written by Stephane Marbeau

Why it pays to Earn

Learn more about how you can earn on your crypto assets.

What is Earn?

Earn is an Okcoin feature allowing you to hold your crypto and earn on it.

Every Earn offer has its own set of nuances but the main idea remains the same: By locking up your crypto, you’re directly helping maintain its stability and security for everyone. So you get rewarded for it.

Now, understanding different assets’ protocols and their rules is a lot of work. Earn does that work for you — you can just lock your assets on Okcoin, and we take care of the rest. For example, transaction fees on decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, also called ‘gas fees’, can be high, costing up to $100 for a deposit and withdrawal. On Earn, we’ve scrapped the transaction fees so all the profit goes to you.

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Flexibility matters

Crypto runs 24/7, and it runs fast. Banks on the contrary have all sorts of limitations. It’s your money but you can’t take it out when you want, and the super low interest you get is only distributed once a month.

On Earn, you can deposit whenever you like and withdraw whenever you like for most assets. And interest is paid daily, as it should be.

Okcoin EarnLegacy banks
High interestYesNo
Flexible termsYesNo
Daily payoutsYesNo

High interest that’s safe and easy

DeFi protocols are at the cutting edge of finance and computer science and it’s not easy to know which ones are legit and which aren’t. And even when you know, they often remain risky and cumbersome to use.

Earn gives you more time to tap into what the most innovative financial products have to offer, and get the benefits of DeFi, without the hassle.

We’re a regulated financial entity and do everything we can to keep funds safe for investors in 184 countries. We do comprehensive due diligence about the legal and technical fundamentals of the different protocols we offer access to and monitor them constantly, if we choose to list them.

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Estimated APY rates are not guaranteed and may change without notice. Your assets in Earn are not covered by insurance against potential losses, nor are they subject to FDIC or SIPC protections. Okcoin does not provide investment or asset recommendations. Please consult your own investment/tax professional regarding your specific circumstances and objectives. Okcoin is not engaged in the offer, sale, or trading of securities. For more details, please refer to Okcoin’s Earn Terms of Service.

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