We’re preparing to list LINK, YFL, and YFII

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We’re preparing to list LINK, YFL, and YFII

Support for more DeFi assets is coming soon to OKCoin cryptocurrency exchange with USD trading pairs

At OKCoin, we are working towards making cryptocurrencies more accessible to investors and traders around the world. Soon, DeFi assets LINK, YFL, and YFII will be coming to our crypto exchange — we recently listed COMP, DOT, YFI, and UNI.

Access to DeFi on Okcoin

We believe that investors and traders around the world should have easy access to these new listings with USD pairing to move in and out of positions frictionlessly. By offering USD support, we are enabling participation in this significant financial technology shift. OKCoin provides the easiest way for anyone to fund their account and add any of these DeFi assets to their portfolio.

DeFi protocols have created tremendous utility for investors, lenders, and borrowers through their decentralized yield farming, and tokens that support these networks have seen a dramatic rise in their value. We want to make sure that investors and traders on our platform have access to trading these assets on a secure, licensed, and globally regulated platform.

New DeFi assets coming to OKCoin

Chainlink (LINK)

The LINK token is a payment and work token that can be used to pay for node operations and staked by node operators as collateral in order to provide oracle services.

Chainlink, an infrastructural DeFi project, is a decentralized oracle network that provides the basis for frequently used price feeds. As smart contracts that connect to external data sources, oracles are integral to DeFi development. The OKCoin Oracle was launched in July, a secure price feed providing protocols with a trusted source of signed market data.

YF Link (YFL)

YFL is a fork of the Yearn.Finance project that brings yield to the LINK community, enabling users to stake LINK for liquidity and yield farming. A governance token, YFL allows holders to vote and make decisions. OKCoin will be the first regulated crypto exchange to list the YFL token.

Yearn.finance aggregates various lending protocols, including Aave, Compound, and Dydx, and optimizes for the highest yield on deposited assets.

DFI.Money (YFII)

YFII is the governance token of DFI.Money, a yield aggregation protocol. While similar to Yearn.finance (YFI) as a fork of its code, YFII includes a halving model for YFII to ensure equitable distribution of tokens, and for mining and farming.

Start depositing LINK, YFII, and YFL as early as October 13, 2020, at 7:00 PM PT. Trading for LINK/USD, YFII/USD, and YFL/USD will be coming soon.

Our mission is to help propel the adoption of crypto and usher in a future of decentralized finance. It’s our responsibility to identify high-quality DeFi assets and make them easily available to a global user base on our exchange with fiat-to-crypto on-ramps via USD trading pairs.

OKCoin is licensed across the US and is a globally regulated cryptocurrency exchange. For each asset we prepare to list, we perform an extensive review, spanning business, compliance, legal and technical due diligence.

We’re committed to bringing valuable assets to traders and investors in a responsible way, and will continue to monitor the growth of the DeFi space to determine which assets we should add support for on OKCoin. We look forward to bringing new and exciting assets to our trader and investor community.

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