The Bitcoin Odyssey starts now

written by Stephane Marbeau

The Bitcoin Odyssey starts now

We’re partnering with the Stacks Accelerator, Stacks Foundation, and venture capital partners to form the Bitcoin Odyssey, a $165 million pledge to support the development of decentralized apps on Bitcoin and Stacks – and make 2022 the year of Bitcoin DeFi. 🚀


  • The Bitcoin Odyssey is a $165 million pledge to support founders and projects building decentralized apps on Bitcoin and Stacks
  • 20 top crypto venture capital firms have already joined the pledge
  • We’re going to make 2022 the year of Bitcoin DeFi 💪

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What’s the Bitcoin Odyssey?

The Bitcoin Odyssey is a year-long pledge among venture firms to deploy $165 million into projects that accelerate Bitcoin adoption. The participating firms will allocate capital and resources to projects being built on Stacks, an open-source network for Bitcoin-based smart contracts, as well as the Bitcoin blockchain itself. The project is co-chaired by our very own Head of Listings, Alex Chizhik, and by Stacks Accelerator Partner Kyle Ellicott

Bitcoin Odyssey comes as a response both to the big influx of investors DeFi has seen over 2021 and to the growth of the Stacks ecosystem and other smart contracts solutions built on top of Bitcoin. The narrative is shifting: 2022 is going to be the year of Bitcoin DeFi and the Bitcoin Odyssey will be at the forefront of this dynamic. 🔥

What projects will be supported?

The Bitcoin Odyssey will consider Bitcoin and Stacks-focused projects related to, among other areas:

  • GameFi, play-to-earn, and other blockchain-based gaming projects
  • Borrowing, lending, self-repaying loans, and other DeFi products
  • NFTs and metaverse projects
  • DAOs, CityCoins, and other GovTech projects

On top of funding, the selected Odyssey projects will receive hands-on assistance. Key areas of support will include project scaling, legal, smart contract development and audits, recruiting, market making, and more. Building on Stacks?

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We’ve partnered with top names in crypto venture capital: 

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