Want More BTC? Get Free Bitcoin with #OKCoinAirdrops

written by OKCoin

Want More BTC? Get Free Bitcoin with #OKCoinAirdrops

Don’t own any crypto? Follow us and RT on Twitter to claim your free bitcoin airdrop

#OKCoinAirdrops are our way to reward and support OKCoin customers with free bitcoin. Our hope is we can attract people who have been on the fence about crypto to come join.

Our airdrops are dedicated to the OKCoin Twitter community: we’ve got 100 $30 rewards waiting to be given away, just for posting a RT on Twitter with the hashtag: #OKCoinAirdrops. You’ve given us great feedback, so we’re giving you free bitcoin.

Here’s what you need to do to get your $30 worth of BTC:
  • Comment on this tweet with your two favorite DeFi projects, and
  • Retweet this tweet using the hashtag #OKCoinAirdrops:

We will choose 100 people to receive a bitcoin airdrop. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter so that we can DM you. If you’re selected, but aren’t following, we won’t be able to reach you. See our airdrop rules and terms and conditions for more details.

And check back with us on Twitter @OKCoin… We’ll be adding extra chances to receive free BTC next week!

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