Update on the token trading pause

written by okped

Update on the token trading pause

We’ve paused trading for about a dozen tokens. Here’s why and what it means for you as a customer. 👇


  • What? About a dozen tokens had trading paused on our marketplace.
  • Which? API3, Star Atlas (ATLAS), Celo Dollar (CUSD), Chain (XCN), IoTeX (IOTX), Lunr (LUNR), Magic Internet Money (MIM), Pocket Network (POKT), Secret (SCRT), StormX (STMX), and WAX (WAXP), Wrapped Bitcoin (xBTC).
  • When? Trading pause went into effect on Wednesday, November 2 at 11:59pm PT.  Trading will resume in a few weeks.

Why did these tokens have trading paused?

As part of our ongoing promise to keep Okcoin the best platform on which to trade digital assets, we continuously monitor liquidity, volumes, token quality, and other core trading metrics. Just like many projects in the cryptoverse, we are leveraging the Bear market to upgrade our systems and trading functionality.  We are pausing the trading of certain tokens in order to upgrade our systems and create additional safeguards and functionality to improve Okcoin’s trading platform.  Our goal is to resume trading in these tokens in a few weeks once the upgrades are complete. 

How long will it take to restore trading?

Trading will resume as soon as we can enhance a few technical parts to the new customer trading process and ensure sufficient liquidity to support an efficient trading market for our customers.  We expect this process to take several weeks.  We will let you know in advance when trading on these tokens will resume.

Why does my account show no value?

For the tokens that have trading paused, there is no pricing data to take the price and multiply it against the tokens you own.  The most important thing is the tokens you own are there and available.  Withdrawals are open if you’d like to withdraw.

Are there any token trading pairs that have been permanently removed?

We no longer support the following token trading pairs:

  • MiamiCoin (MIA) / Stacks (STX)
  • MiamiCoin (MIA) / Bitcoin (BTC)

The main MiamiCoin trading pair, MiamiCoin (MIA) / U.S. dollar (USD), remains active. 

When will there be more fiat pairs besides USD?

In the coming weeks and months, we are planning to add more fiat pairs (i.e., more EUR pairs and several others).

Stay tuned for more!