Trade With Friends and You Can Both Win

written by OKCoin

Trade With Friends and You Can Both Win

OKCoin isn’t just a cryptocurrency exchange; we’re also a crypto community. We’re dedicated to bringing people together to help the broader ecosystem grow and flourish. To that end, we are now offering not just one, but two referral programs that rewards both parties involved.

When your referral reaches specific trading objectives, you and your invitee will both receive a perk. Here are the two new referral programs:

  • Refer a Friend – geared towards friends who are curious about tokens and considered to be low-volume traders. When your invitee deposits and trades $500 or more in 180 days, you and your friend will both receive $10 in BTC. 
  • Affiliate Share – designed for friends who are high-volume traders. Apply for our new Affiliate Share program to unlock premium rewards like receiving 30% of your invitee’s trading fees for their first 90 days of trading. Even your invitee will get rewarded with $10 in BTC when they trade $3,000+ within the first 180 days of becoming an OKCoin user.

You can invite friends to the OKCoin platform by using your unique referral link. Simply log in and start inviting. Rewards are high, and the possibilities are endless! Happy trading, and referring too.

For more details, visit our referral program page today.

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