Top 5 Takeaways From Our STX Listing AMA

written by OKCoin

Top 5 Takeaways From Our STX Listing AMA

Yesterday we hosted a live AMA with the OKCoin team and Brittany Laughlin from Stacks — here’s what you might have missed

We’re excited to enable global fiat access to the Stacks ecosystem

OKCoin is a US-regulated, global fiat-to-crypto exchange that operates in over 190 countries. We’re committed to listing STX upon Stacks 2.0 Mainnet, allowing for trading and stacking (the Stacks version of staking to earn BTC). Our first step on that road the upcoming STX airdrop!

The quest for a user-owned internet has been long-coming

Blockstack, now Stacks, has been working on this vision of a user-owned internet since 2014. What does user-owned mean? Owning your data is incredibly important. Imagine a world built on Bitcoin where instead of big tech having access to your data, it existed within a user-controlled decentralized ecosystem. OKCoin’s STX listing for US customers (and general fiat-to-crypto access) is a huge step towards a user-owned internet, as it opens up access for users, developers, and traders around the world.

OKCoin Earn provides users a secure, easy, and affordable way to earn on DeFi holdings

We’re taking the best of DeFi: high-interest rates and optionality, while adding the benefits of an established exchange. OKCoin is focused on providing users with  easy, secure, reliable, and affordable onramps that bring the maximum yield. It’s a new product (launched in December of 2020) and we’re excited to expand it with more product offerings in 2021.  

Stacks 2.0 is built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain

This means you get the security of the Bitcoin blockchain. Stacks adds functionality to Bitcoin by letting developers launch new blockchains anchored to the network which leverage the safety and security of Bitcoin. 

Stacking will be available to all eligible users, regardless of deposit size

The beauty of our Earn product is that we do all of the heavy lifting; protocol due diligence, user experience, transaction fees. Reducing and removing the deposit minimum is a big part of this.  When stacking launches, we anticipate all users eligible to access STX will be able to stack their STX  regardless of deposit size. We’re lowering the barriers to entry for crypto and DeFi – that includes lowering the barriers to entry for stacking. 

Read more about OKCoin’s STX listing for US customers. Be the first to know when we list STX, sign up now

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