The Best Method to Build Your Bitcoin Portfolio

written by OKCoin

The Best Method to Build Your Bitcoin Portfolio

Dollar-cost average your bitcoin position with recurring buy and pay 10x less than what other exchanges charge 

Bitcoin is quickly becoming one of the most popular investments around the world among  institutional funds and even public corporations (typically as a hedge to gold). As this trend continues, we believe it is important to not let the average investor be left behind. This is why we are so focused on introducing new tools that make it easy for new investors to enter the crypto markets. Naturally new investors don’t have the same tools or access to information as active or accredited investors. So the question we often answer for our new customers is, “how to safely build a bitcoin or crypto portfolio over time”. 

Dollar-cost average your BTC position

The reality is that crypto markets are volatile. Without a thoughtful plan and long term strategy, investors can quickly find themselves in hot waters. In our view, if you’re not a day trader and you’re looking to build a long term crypto portfolio, it’s best to not try to time the market. So how does one build a crypto portfolio without being subject to the ups and downs of the market? One proven method is what is known as dollar-cost averaging, or DCA. 

Dollar-cost averaging into your position is a great way to profit from a long term trend that is volatile, by investing a small amount at a time. If the price goes down, you can increase your total investment and automatically lower your average cost. If the price moves continuously upward, it would result in lower gains compared to going all-in from the start, but gives you exposure to an increasing price trend. This is an easier way to ensure you get exposure to price increases as they happen, rather than waiting to enter the market and missing out. 

With our new recurring buy feature, easy, reliable, and fast crypto investments are at your fingertips. This powerful tool allows you to set an automated order for building your crypto position, regularly buying crypto at your predetermined dollar amount. 

Set up recurring crypto investments

With our recurring buy tool, you can set a buy order to add bitcoin to your portfolio in order to build your position over time. This is important for new and seasoned investors who want to dollar-cost average their position, reducing the impact of volatility on their purchase over time. 

Recurring buy: 

  • Low fees: other places charge 10x more for the same service
  • Easy bank account linking: log into your bank account with your username and password
  • 30-second set up: place your first recurring buy order 30 seconds after visiting our website

Recurring buy is presently in beta mode, and some of our customers will see access to this feature already. 

Crypto offers anyone the chance to be part of value creation and financial upside. This is a world where access isn’t a barrier, it’s a feature. And this is what we’re building at OKCoin; the tools that make investing and trading bitcoin, ethereum, and other crypto assets simple and fast. Sign up, or log in now. For free BTC, join our referral program.

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