Okcoin Team Picks: Crypto YouTuber “The Modern Investor”

written by Lee Decker

Okcoin Team Picks: Crypto YouTuber “The Modern Investor”

Way before I started at Okcoin and began a career in crypto, I was just a guy with an interest trying to find a good, trustworthy source of information. Seriously, I was lost, just like a lot of people still are. But a friend who’s got his pulse on all the best crypto YouTube channels recommended a personal friend of his known as “The Modern Investor.” It’s tough to sort through all of the “influencers” and find someone who’s genuinely interested in crypto without feeling like they are just serving themselves. But this felt real and no-nonsense.

Now it’s my routine. I wake up each morning, make my coffee, press play, and get a news round-up with knowledgeable commentary on why he thinks this news is valuable. He’s opinionated without shilling. And frankly, he’s just got a great voice. Watch/listen to one episode and you’ll be hooked once he signs off with the way he says “See you!”

Ultimately, I just want to be informed and learn valuable news. I want to cut through the noise. Here I get current events with backed-up knowledge instead of a rant intended to persuade me into liking/hating something for some dubious reason. Even today, after compiling my own list of who I consider to be the top crypto YouTube channels, podcasts, and blogs, I still choose to recommend this source, because he’s the one who turned ME into a modern investor.

That’s my recommendation! Check him out and let me know what you think. Tweet @Okcoin or join our Telegram group [and message @leedecks] to start a conversation. 

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