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Amiti Uttarwar Bitcoin Core developer - OKCoin Open-Source Developer Grant

Amiti Uttarwar’s Work to Improve the Privacy of Bitcoin Nodes

Bitcoin Core Developer Amiti Uttarwar is focused on improving aspects of Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer layer by addressing the tension between reliability an...

Bitcoin vs. DeFi: Two Unique Development Cultures

Despite sharing similar objectives, Bitcoin and DeFi have very different development cultures, especially when it comes to security The development...

Developing Bitcoin is an explanation of developing within an decentralized ecosystem by Amiti Uttarwar, OKCoin's open-source developer grant recipient. OKCoin is a San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange.

Developing Bitcoin

How does Bitcoin stay decentralized and simultaneously adapt to growing usage? By Olivia Lovenmark and Amiti Uttarwar Bitcoin is a paradigm shif...