#OK3Questions: CEO of Streambed Media, Jenna Pilgrim

written by Lee Decker

#OK3Questions: CEO of Streambed Media, Jenna Pilgrim

We’re back with another #OK3Questions, the OKCoin interview series that gives you the opportunity to learn about the people, projects, and initiatives that are impacting the development of the blockchain industry. Today, we have three questions for Co-Founder and CEO of Streambed Media, Jenna Pilgrim.

So first, tell us a little about Streambed Media: what is it and where did the idea come from?

Streambed is an online tool that connects social media accounts, companies, and creators online. We believe the only way to battle misinformation and cut through the sheer amount of content online is to work together, associating ourselves and (more importantly our data streams) together to create powerful chains of provenance from one piece of content to the next. We are the ‘reader’ that allows these stakeholders to make sense of published content online, and understand how they fit in the greater content reputation ethos. In short – we are better together.

The idea has gone through many different stages of development as we have noodled over this problem for the last two years. We came to the realization that it wasn’t about defending digital rights at all, it was about changing the way content was published in the first place. Then we allow ‘downstream creators,’ (previously seen as piracy) to repurpose, share, memify, compile, and clip content. In this world, the original creator can see how their content flows online and is able to reap the benefits of creating something truly new, and share the amplified audience of making their content available to be interacted with.

Better content data is something creators and marketers are hungry for. How quickly do you see adoption of this technology?

This crisis has shone a bright light on how fundamentally broken the data structures and data management systems on the Internet are. If anything, it has given people pause about how their data is handled online – mostly because they don’t have anything else to do except think about it. 

Companies have been forced to examine new areas of value creation online, as they can no longer have people in their brick and mortar stores or stop by their booth at a trade show. We are bringing a whole new meaning to quantifying engagement online, and we believe this is the perfect time to do so. 

We are on track to launch V1 of the Streambed app at Consensus: Decentralized, the online version of the conference of the same name. from there we plan to expand on to other online events, showing sponsor companies how our tool quantifies engagement online.

Lastly, what advice do you have or resources to share for other women interested in blockchain?

I give the same advice to everyone looking to show leadership in this space, no matter what ceilings they are up against (gender or otherwise) – be definitive. the world has had enough wishy washy half-truths, and enough lawyers ending long rants with “it depends.” Fair warning – if you are definitive, you will be wrong, and you have to be prepared for that. When you’re wrong, you learn and you do better next time. choose the hills you are willing to die on, and be prepared to actually do so. 

The blockchain industry represents a profound opportunity to show leadership no matter your experience, background or career path. When no one is an expert, everyone can show some sort of leadership.

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