Stacks (STX) trading and stacking update

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Stacks (STX) trading and stacking update

A quick update regarding Stacks (STX) trading and what to expect. 

We are currently working on opening trading and withdrawals for Stacks (STX). While we were able to open deposits at 6:20PM PT yesterday, there have been a few dependent factors, primarily around ensuring adequate liquidity. 

What happened 

We were expecting the liquidity to build up faster. At the moment, we’re working with Stacks (STX) and various partners to launch with a smooth trading experience, no interruptions and ensure you get the best prices for your trades.

When do we expect to open trading 

We plan to begin trading on Monday, Jan 18th (or earlier). Our teams are working today and through the weekend to make this happen. 

How will we inform you when trading is open 

As we get closer (within a few hours) to open trading, we will start to share in our community channels, primarily Twitter and Telegram. 

Stacking is now live! 

The great news here is that while we are still working on getting trading live ASAP, Stacks (STX) deposits and “Earn” or Stacking is live. This means you can start earning 7-8% APY on your deposits paid out daily in bitcoin. There are no fees, so you keep all the returns. You can get started here: 

Launching any new asset on our exchange requires a lot of coordination and technical effort. OKCoin is the first exchange to launch Stacks (STX) right after its mainnet launch. While both at Stacks and OKCoin have done our absolute best to anticipate and solve any issues, we came across issues yesterday that we had not anticipated which can happen with a brand new mainnet and asset launch.  

This has been a really exciting week for us and the okcoin and stacks (STX) global community. We appreciate your support and patience and please know our teams are working to open trading as quickly as possible. 

Reminder to sign up for the STX airdrop! 

You have until January 31 to participate in our $1M STX airdrop where you get $25 for signing up and making 3 trades, with one lucky user winning $10,000 and two more $2,500 of STX. Sign up here: Airdrop rewards will be distributed on or prior to February 15. 

Thank you from the OKCoin team!

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