Sats Mode is here

written by Stephane Marbeau

Sats Mode is here

Okcoin is the only U.S licensed crypto exchange to introduce Sats Mode– a new and decimal-less experience to view your bitcoin, increase your stack, and celebrate milestones. 🔥


  • Our new app now has Sats Mode, a dark-mode experience to see and buy bitcoin in sats
  • Sats, short for “satoshis”, are the smallest bitcoin unit
  • We’re the only U.S. licensed exchange to offer this feature 

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What’s Sats Mode?

One satoshi, aka sat, is 100 millionth of a bitcoin. It’s the smallest bitcoin unit. With BTC’s price surge it has become more and more useful to price things in terms of sats. With whole numbers instead of decimals, sats transactions are just easier to understand. Here’s why you should try out Sats Mode:

  • It makes it easy to switch from BTC to sats
  • It provides a fun and clear way to measure your bitcoin stack
  • It will soon make it simple to use bitcoin for small payments thanks to our Lightning integration 👀

Satoshi in style

We won’t use decimals forever as the price of bitcoin increases, so we brought a sleek experience and visual identity that is fitting for this peek into the future of bitcoin. Upon switching to sats in your app, you’ll be taken through a portal into dark mode and see more views of bitcoin including milestones for your sats.

The story behind the symbol

Like dollars and cents, sats needed a symbol so, in partnership with a member of the Bitcoin Design community, we’ve adopted a new sats symbol to give sats a unique visual identity.

Learn more about the roots of the sats symbol.

Start stacking

Sats Mode isn’t just a nice way to measure your stack, it’s also a great way to increase it. We’ve developed milestones and cool animations that help you track the growth of your bitcoin stack, starting with your first million sats all the way to a whole bitcoin. We want all our customers to become sats millionaires. 

Over 40% of Americans still don’t know that it’s possible to buy a fraction of a bitcoin, according to research from Bakkt. Our hope is that, by being pioneers of sats, we’ll spread the word that you can start small and still be integrated with the strongest monetary network in the world.

This is just the beginning: The experience will keep improving and growing, so try it out in your Okcoin app, and stay tuned for more.

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