Our NFT NYC wrap up

written by Shreyas Gavit

Our NFT NYC wrap up

We’re back from the biggest NFT conference in New York City. Whether you attended and want to relive some highlights or you stayed home and want a TL;DR, we’ve got you covered with this recap. 👇


  • There’s amazing energy in the NFT community but there’s still work left to create a more inclusive environment
  • Digital communities have transformed into strong physical communities 
  • Prices weren’t discussed but new ideas were everywhere
  • HUG YOU, our event in partnership with BFF and HUG, brought together 300 passionate NFT holders for an unforgettable evening

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Crypto/NFTs for all

While the energy and interest for NFTs has never been higher, there’s still room for improvement in terms of education and inclusion:

  • The number of participants and speakers increased 3x compared to last year’s conference.
  • Bluechip projects created lots of excitement with celebrities, new roadmap announcements, and immersive events
  • Communities focusing on inclusion and education are the ones that are growing the fastest
  • The smaller the event the more welcoming it felt – satellite events were often where the magic happened! 
  • Education is still a major gap, with some newcomers feeling lost in all the different projects and most still limiting their understanding of NFTs to visual projects.

NFTs beyond JPEGs

The conference featured plenty of NFT use cases besides digital images:

  • While the reliance on Web2 tools like Eventbrite, luma, QR codes, and emails was surprising for an NFT conference, one innovative product was tokenproof which enabled secure token gated experiences.
  • NFTs invaded the physical world with Times Square billboards, trucks, buses, subway, airport, and buildings plastered with NFTs
  • NFT artist Fewocious hosted a massive paint party where holders of Fewoworld came together to just have fun and paint 🎨
  • Fashion, gaming, music, sports, token-gated shopping, creator communities, and metaverse were widely discussed NFT trends
  • It was great seeing how NFTs, through the combined power of culture, art, and tech can bring people together

Some of our highlights

Out of the many great things that happened at or during the conference, here’s a few of our own highlights:

  • Lots of news: Ebay acquired an NFT marketplace, Uniswap acquired NFT aggregator genies, Ledger launched their own NFT marketplace, LooksRare announced conditional listing, Gucci bought DAO tokens, Moonpay launched an NFT minting service, and more
  • ApeFest: SnoopDogg x Eminem launched a new song with their apes in the music video
  • Big artists: Madonna, Steve Aoki, Chainsmokers, Kesha, and more performed for various project events
  • PR: Adam Bomb Squad staged a protest to generate hype around their event – and it worked
  • Price: There were no discussions around prices or the next alpha projects. People chat about their passion for NFTs, the communities they’re obsessed with, and the ideas captivates them

Okcoin x Hug x You – the conference’s most inclusive event 

We partnered with Hug and BFF for an event to celebrate women-led NFT communities. It featured Randi Zuckerberg giving out unlimited hugs, makeup booths to turn attendees into their PFP, and Capri Sun-style cocktails. A majority of the attendees were women and non-binary – pretty refreshing compared to most of the other events out there! Most people told us they felt like they belonged the minute they entered the space. 💜

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