Our new app update makes handling crypto easier than ever

written by Stephane Marbeau

Our new app update makes handling crypto easier than ever

Our latest mobile app update  makes tracking your portfolio and handling the market easier than ever. Learn more about what has changed and how you can leverage it to take your crypto experience to the next level. 🚀


  • We’ve released a new version of our mobile app with some big updates
  • It makes moving your money, tracking your portfolio, and handling volatility easier than ever
  • You now have more control over recurring buys, like the ability to skip one

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Check your portfolio’s performance at a glance 📈

Crypto can be complicated, and the markets move quickly. That often makes it difficult to keep track of investments – but our updated app makes it super easy to see how your portfolio is doing. Here’s what you can now see in our app, in a tap: 

  • Your total portfolio value
  • Your portfolio’s performance over the last 24h
  • How much you’ve invested in total
  • How much these investments have returned, in total or per time frame and/or per asset
  • How much crypto you’ve put to work in Earn
  • How much Earn has returned on your assets

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Get more control over recurring buys 🛡️

In crypto, recurring buys (also called “dollar-cost-averaging”) is the strategy of automatically buying an asset at regular times for a fixed sum. That could mean buying $20 in bitcoin every week, for instance. A lot of people use this technique to protect their portfolio against the volatility of crypto – and Okcoin now offers it with zero fees after the first purchase. 👀

Learn why dollar-cost-averaging is a popular crypto investing strategy

Most of our customers are happy to have set-up a recurring buy when the price dips –  it automatically buys crypto on the cheap! What about when the price surges though?

In this case, you might want to temporarily skip a recurring buy. The updated app makes that super intuitive: 

  1. Set a price above which you want to skip an automatic buy.
  2. Voilà! The purchases will only start again when the price falls below the limit you’ve set.

Make your money move in a tap

To help you manage your money when you’re on the go, we’ve put all the main actions the app offers in a single place. All of your money moves are now just one tap away:

  • Buy and sell crypto
  • View asset prices
  • Access your account information

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