Our new app is now available everywhere

written by Stephane Marbeau

Our new app is now available everywhere

If you’re outside the US, we’ve got great news: Our new app is available everywhere now! It has a new design, includes our Earn offer, and card payments. 👀

Don’t have the new app yet?

Download the Okcoin app on the Apple Store
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What you can do on mobile

We’ve completely redesigned our mobile experience from the ground up to make crypto transactions faster and easier — on all of your small screens. Here’s what you can do with our app:

  • Buy all of your favorite assets in a tap
  • View the latest on the market with simplified real-time price charts
  • Stay ahead of transactions with custom price alerts
  • Make informed trades with timely educational content
  • Set up recurring buys
  • Split 100$ in bitcoin with every friend you refer. Learn more
  • Get high APY crypto rewards via staking and DeFi offers on Earn**

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It’s easy 

It can be hard to get started and buy crypto on mobile. There’s often no easy way to pay, and you can’t do much with your crypto after buying anyway. With our new app, you can get started with crypto in under 1 minute, pay with credit/debit card*, and put your crypto to work in a few taps with Earn**. In order to accommodate everyone’s needs, the app has two modes: Okcoin App (or Basic) and Okcoin Pro. Switching from one to the other literally takes two taps! Learn more about both modes. ⚡

It’s safe

In some countries, local crypto platforms are not very trustworthy, and they don’t let you do much with your assets. Not Okcoin: We put a great deal of effort into being compliant everywhere we operate so our customers can feel safe buying with us. We’re a licensed U.S. exchange, with licenses in Malta, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands, covering 192 countries. That’s more than any other U.S. headquartered exchange in the world. And we’re just getting started. 💪

It’s rewarding

One of the features our customers love the most about Okcoin is our Earn offer, allowing them to earn crypto rewards by locking some of their holdings. You’ve asked us to bring it on mobile, so it’s now available whenever you want, wherever you are.

On Earn it only takes a few taps, to select what token you want to stake, how much of it, and for how long – and we tell you how much you’ll be earning out of it.** 🤑

Get the app

How to use Earn on the go

With our new app, earning crypto rewards couldn’t be simpler. Here’s how it works, in less than 30 seconds:

Get the app

* Some customers won’t be eligible to use cards on mobile just yet. Learn more about eligible countries.

**Estimated APY rates are not guaranteed and may change without notice. Your assets in Earn are not covered by insurance against potential losses, nor are they subject to FDIC or SIPC protections. Okcoin does not provide investment or asset recommendations. Please consult your own investment/tax professional regarding your specific circumstances and objectives. Okcoin is not engaged in the offer, sale, or trading of securities. For more details, please refer to Okcoin’s Earn Terms of Service, which may change without notice.

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