Our first Crypto for All grant recipients

written by Stephane Marbeau

Our first Crypto for All grant recipients

We’re following on our announcement in December to launch Crypto for All, an initiative aimed at democratizing knowledge and access to crypto. Here are the projects we’re already supporting and our plans to make 2022 the year of Crypto for All. 🔥


  • Crypto for All is Okcoin’s initiative to support under-represented groups in crypto and the current system to build an inclusive future of finance
  • Our goals are to help more people build, connect, and learn about Bitcoin and crypto
  • One of them, Bitcoin for Fairness, is a project focused on increasing Bitcoin education and adoption in emerging countries
  • Another one, Ladies in Bitcoin, aims at creating more education for women in the Bitcoin space and who are curious about Bitcoin

We’re always looking for more initiatives that further “Crypto for All”, so apply for a grant if you think you’d be a good fit! 

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Our goals

For now, crypto engagement remains concentrated, both in terms of gender (male) and locality (North America). With Crypto for All, we’re striving to change that through:

  • Learning. We’re investing in educational content to fit the unique needs of women, people of color, and more.
  • Building. We’re funding crypto developers and entrepreneurs coming from underrepresented groups.
  • Connecting. We’re helping more diverse talent work on crypto ecosystem projects and careers.

Our grant recipients

We’re supporting people and projects building towards an inclusive future of finance, in order to help the disadvantaged, unbanked populations who need crypto the most. We already partner with some key people to take crypto inclusion to the next level:

And there’s much more to come – maybe you? 👀

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What’s Bitcoin for Fairness?

The goal of Bitcoin for Fairness (BFF), Anita Posch’s non-profit initiative, is to “bring Bitcoin to billions”, helping people who need Bitcoin understand and use it in Africa, the Middle East, and around the world. Anita is a Bitcoin educator, author of (L)earn Bitcoin and host of The Anita Posch Show. 

BFF is the product of her passion for financial inclusion and empowerment. Its goal is to help raise knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin for people in emerging countries. Beyond education, BFF will work to connect and boost the profile of local crypto figures, identify and work with educators on the ground to expand Bitcoin adoption locally and Bitcoin awareness globally. 🚀

Explore Bitcoin for Fairness

What’s Ladies in Bitcoin?

Sarah Satoshi is building Ladies in Bitcoin, a project providing resources and education for women to not only learn about Bitcoin but also network and share opportunities. To achieve this, Ladies in Bitcoin will build a Bitcoin circular economy to encourage women to produce content, organize events, and code. 

As a female-led company, and in line with our goal of reaching 50% female customers by 2025, we are thrilled to see grassroot Bitcoin movements aimed at women flourish. 💪

Learn more about Ladies in Bitcoin

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