Our app just made crypto on the go even easier

written by Stephane Marbeau

Our app just made crypto on the go even easier

Our latest mobile app update makes buying and trading crypto easier than ever. See what’s new and how you can take your on-the-go experience to the next level. 🚀


  • We’ve released the latest version of our mobile app
  • It makes moving your money, earning on your assets, and trading easier than ever
  • It’s available now, in the 190+ countries we serve 🌎

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What’s new?

  • Get started in under two minutes: We hate delays. Now you can create an Okcoin account and get crypto in under two minutes.
  • Next-level trading: Turn on our new trading features to view order books, access crypto-to-crypto trading pairs, view candlestick charts, and make market and limit order trades.
  • Manage recurring buys: Now on the app, you can manage your recurring buys by setting buy frequencies, amounts, and limits.
  • Earning made easier: No need for that extra few taps. You can now deposit your tokens into Earn right after you buy them.

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Get started in under two minutes

We’ve removed hurdles and barriers that can make it challenging to sign up and get started with crypto. Customers who sign up to Okcoin will now have better guidance during each step of the onboarding process. You can also choose to continue signing up later and explore the app instead of having to finish the whole flow at once.

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Next-level trading

Now you can enable trading features like limit orders from a toggle button in your  settings. Limit orders give you more control over your trades by letting you specify a price to buy or sell crypto. Your order will only execute when prices hit the level you chose, or better.

With trading features turned on, you can also view order books, access crypto-to-crypto trading pairs, and view candlestick charts to make more informed trades. 👀

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Manage recurring buys

Crypto is notoriously volatile but there are ways to take advantage of lower prices. One common strategy is setting up a recurring buy (also called “dollar-cost-averaging”) — automatically buying a little bit of an asset at a regular interval, for a fixed sum, like buying $20 in bitcoin every week. We now offer this feature with zero fees after the first purchase. 

Learn why dollar-cost-averaging is a popular crypto investing strategy

Recurring buys spread your risk out over time and keep you from selling when prices are low or going all in when they’re high. It really makes sense to set up a recurring buy when prices dip —  it automatically buys crypto on the cheap! But it’s not as helpful when prices are through the roof. Who wants to buy at an all-time high?

In this case, you might want to temporarily skip a recurring buy. The new app makes this extra step super intuitive: 

  1. Set a price above which you want to skip an automatic buy.
  2. Voilà! The purchases will only start again when the price falls below the limit you’ve set.
  3. Edit your recurring buy settings by tapping the hamburger menu on the home screen and selecting Settings > Recurring purchases.

Earning made easier

Be part of DeFi – buy and put your assets to work in just a few taps. Now you can lend your crypto and start earning on your assets right from the buy flow.

As the first licensed exchange to simplify DeFi, Okcoin is making high interest rates accessible to all investors. We’re also the first to offer access to DeFi without fees – we take no transaction fees (network gas fees) and no service fees.

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