#OKTeamPicks: Messari Research Crypto Theses for 2020

written by Lee Decker

#OKTeamPicks: Messari Research Crypto Theses for 2020

If you haven’t read the Messari Research Crypto Theses for 2020, add it to your reading list pronto! At the turn of this decade, Messari Research published a 70 page Crypto Theses for 2020 and it instantly became a must-share crypto resource that I’ve shared too many times to count. It includes sections on top narratives in crypto; People and Companies to Watch; Bitcoin and Ethereum trends; and many other important trends.

The people to watch predictions have mostly been spot on in my opinion. I first read about Unstoppable Domains in this research and less than 6 months later my employer has partnered with them.

If you have time for only one crypto resource to read, this might be the best one currently out there.

If you’re on Twitter, I highly recommend you follow Ryan Selkis (@twobitidiot), who is one of the founders of Messari. He provides daily insights regarding crypto, COVID-19, and greater US and world economic trends. I wasn’t able to make it, but he also just oversaw a massive virtual conference called MainNet. Maybe next year?

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