OKCoin’s Jovan Gavrilovic: Young Investors Are Driving Crypto Development

Young investors will shape the future of cryptocurrencies in Europe

written by OKCoin

OKCoin’s Jovan Gavrilovic: Young Investors Are Driving Crypto Development

Digital currency is next-gen tech, so it’s no surprise that new generations are driving its development. For a recent Coin Rivet feature article, OKCoin General Manager Jovan Gavrilovic explored the ways millennial and Generation Z investors are impacting cryptocurrency innovation and regulations.

“For many millennials, cryptocurrency is their first exposure to investing, and they still trust it more than stock exchanges,” Gavrilovic wrote. “And then there’s the technology behind blockchain, which is naturally appealing to a generation who grew up with a mini-computer in their hands. Just like how millennials grew up with the internet, members of Generation Z will grow up with blockchain; it’s just another form of ubiquitous tech to them. And this particular technology happens to appeal to their curious, socially conscious, entrepreneurial sensibilities.”

Millennial and Gen Z investors have made a particularly strong impact in Europe, one of the world’s most crypto-friendly regions. Lawmakers have responded to these developments by implementing new regulations for the growing market. While there’s still progress to be made, these regulations will go a long way towards standardizing and enhancing cryptocurrency’s potential — a great start for the next generation!

You can read Jovan’s full article — The Kids Are Alright — from Coin Rivet.

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