OKCoin Team Picks: Aaron Recommends #CryptoTwitter

written by Lee Decker

OKCoin Team Picks: Aaron Recommends #CryptoTwitter

Whether you’re new to the space, or maybe an early pioneer, trying to stay up-to-date in the crypto industry can make your head spin. I spend a good hour each day browsing the headlines of major news sources and catching up on big events in Telegram groups, with my OKCoin colleagues, and on crypto Twitter. But in reality there is just too much out there to know it all. 

For whatever reason, the crypto community really seems to have taken a liking to Twitter, and I’ve found it a great place to get some direct insight from leading industry experts, gurus, crackpots, memelords and more! Here are just a few of my go-to tweeters, who often post interesting and insightful crypto-related content:

There are so many more that it would be impossible to list everyone. The best recommendation I can give is to check out the people in crypto you already know; see who they follow and repost, then wander and get lost in some #cryptoTwitter threads about the merits of on-chain analysis, the halvening, lightning network, how Satoshi was a time traveller, dogecoinwhatever!

Bonus: Hailey Lennon (regulatory counsel, Coinbase) is an old colleague of mine who has been in the space for a while and taught me a lot when I first began my crypto-journey. She often posts emerging news and offers thoughtful insight – definitely check her out! 

Where to find us/you (if you don’t want to include a personal social handle, we’ll remove the bracketed portion):

That’s my recommendation! Check it out and let us know who you follow! Tweet @OKCoin or join our Telegram group to start a conversation. 

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