Okcoin platform update – May edition

written by Stephane Marbeau

Okcoin platform update – May edition

Welcome to our summary of the latest product updates and Okcoin Earn opportunities. With our new mobile app and lowered minimum order size, you can now buy crypto as low as $3, whenever and wherever you are.

All our wallets and trading systems are fully operational. Check out the status updates below for more details.

Platform status

  • Our new mobile app is now available to all U.S. customers. From real-time market data to quick buy, the new app makes buying, selling, and tracking crypto while you’re on the go easier than ever. Try it now
  • We just lowered our minimum order size: You can now buy crypto for as low as $3 and place orders for less than $10 for all the assets we list through the trading page. Trade crypto
  • May 31st is a bank holiday is the U.S. so wire transfers may be delayed that day.
  • All trading systems are fully functional.

Earn status

Okcoin Earn is DeFi made simple. You can deposit crypto on Earn and get staking rewards, without the hassle and network fees of DeFi protocols.

  • The current Stacks (STX) cycle is open: If you lock the token on Okcoin for a fixed period of time you can earn up to 10% rewards in bitcoin. If you aren’t on the STX train yet, get ready to hop on. We’re just 10 days away from deposits closing for the next cycle. Deposit STX
  • You can also deposit DOT on Earn and earn up to 10% in staking rewards. Flexible terms, no fees. Learn more

Start earning more

Which features are you looking for?

Let us know on Reddit which new features or improvements you want to see on the web or mobile app, and we’ll share with the rest of our team.

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