Investing in Miami: Our new office, ShellHacks sponsorship, and MiamiCoin

written by Stephane Marbeau

Investing in Miami: Our new office, ShellHacks sponsorship, and MiamiCoin

We’re supporting the “capital of capital” aka Miami in a few new ways — and you can join us by joining our team in Miami, participating in Miami’s biggest student hackathon, and by adding MiamiCoin to your portfolio. 🔥


  • MiamiCoin (MIA) deposits will be available today (August 24) at 7pm PT, trading will open tomorrow (August 25) at 7pm PT, and staking is around the corner, all exclusively on Okcoin. 👀
  • We’re opening an office in Miami and will be hiring for 100 remote roles across teams — if you want to work there or wherever you work best.
  • We’re the first-ever crypto sponsor of Florida’s largest hackathon, ShellHacks, and will support a new Lightning Network challenge. ⚡
  • We’re doubling-down on our commitment to an inclusive future of finance in the U.S., in Latin America, and around the world.

Buy MiamiCoin (MIA)

MiamiCoin (MIA) is now live exclusively on Okcoin

MiamiCoin (MIA) deposits are now available, exclusively on our platform. Trading will open tomorrow (August 25) and staking is around the corner. 👀

MIA is the first-ever city-based token. Built by the CityCoins community on top of the Stacks blockchain, it allows holders to:

  • Earn stacking rewards
  • Grow Miami’s city treasury
  • Support innovation and crypto-friendly policies in Miami
  • And much more. Read our blog

Bringing crypto jobs and internships to Miami

Our team has tripled in the last year and will be hiring for 100 more roles. As part of this growth, we’re opening an office in Miami to serve our growing customer base both in the U.S. and in Latin America. We’re also developing an internship program for Miami-based and remote candidates across all departments.

We’re on a mission to build an inclusive future of finance, and there’s no better time to jump aboard this rocketship. Take a look at openings and apply if you think you’re a fit, whether or not you’re based in Miami.

Explore opportunities at Okcoin

Hackathon sponsorship and Lightning challenge

To further support Miami’s tech scene, we’re going to be the first-ever crypto sponsor of Florida’s largest hackathon, ShellHacks, which will be taking place September 24-26. Hosted by a technology-focused student organization at Florida International University (FIU), ShellHacks brings together over 1,000 software programmers every year. Our sponsorship includes a ShellHacks challenge focused on the Lightning Network — a solution allowing for faster and cheaper bitcoin transactions — with a workshop hosted by Lightning Labs before the hackathon. Members of the first-place team will receive $1,000 in bitcoin, mentorship, and the opportunity to intern in the Okcoin Miami office during Summer 2022. 

Apply to ShellHacks

We’ve been bullish on Lightning since day one and have long believed it is the tool needed to bring Bitcoin to the next billion people. That’s why we were one the first crypto exchanges to integrate Lightning deposits and withdrawals, offering our customers near instant bitcoin transactions with 99% lower fees.

Learn how to use Lightning on Okcoin

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