Introducing Shimon Lazarov, Our New Growth Lead

written by OKCoin

Introducing Shimon Lazarov, Our New Growth Lead

We’re pleased to announce Okcoin’s newest addition to the marketing group

It’s been an exciting year of growth at Okcoin. Much like the rest of the world, we’ve been operating as a fully virtual team this year. This hasn’t stopped us from continuing to build a world-class team that is hyper focused on 1) making crypto investing / trading more accessible 2) creating easier ways for anyone to build and manage a crypto portfolio.

Just this year we’ve improved our main customer experiences such as our website along with introducing more ways to fund, build, and manage a crypto portfolio within During this time we’ve introduced a number of new listings which was something our customers requested in our recent surveys earlier this year.

While growth for us is mostly customer focused, we are also passionate about helping develop the foundational layer of crypto, Bitcoin. Just this year we have provided four developer grants to selective Bitcoin Core developers who are working to improve the Bitcoin protocol.

With all these developments, including launching in new markets, we believe it is critical for us to continue building out our marketing organization. OKCoin growth team, part of the OKCoin marketing group, is pleased to announce a new team member who will help lead those efforts, Shimon Lazarov.

Shimon joins OKCoin as our new Growth Lead. Shimon previously led growth teams at Ava Capital Markets, Kraken, and 99designs. At OKCoin, he will lead a team of growth marketers to help develop new markets and nurture existing customers. Shimon will be reporting into our Global Chief Marketing Officer, Haider Rafique.

“OKCoin brings a unique perspective to the crypto space, filling a gap in the exchange landscape. The speed and ease of customer onboarding, unparalleled trading engine will position OKCoin as a leader in the crypto space, enhancing customer’s ability to discover and participate in an alternative financial system,” Shimon explained. “I’m excited to be joining the company at a time when the world needs an alternative to the traditional financial systems more than ever.”

We’re thrilled to have Shimon join us. OKCoin has been focused on making the entry to crypto faster than ever. This is the future we’re building towards; where getting in and out of crypto assets is essential to the next phase of crypto adoption globally. Passionate about creating marketing campaigns that drive broader crypto adoption? Connect with us through our career page or on Twitter @OKCoin.

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