Introducing Okcoin’s Newest Token – HBAR, the Hedera Network’s Native Crypto

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Introducing Okcoin’s Newest Token – HBAR, the Hedera Network’s Native Crypto

As one of the earliest exchanges to enter the crypto space, OKCoin has witnessed a number of notable innovations. The advent of hashgraph, a distributed ledger technology (DLT), marks yet another exciting evolution. This technology is faster and more cost-effective than blockchain, leading proponents to claim that it could address some current limitations in the crypto ecosystem. Now Hedera Hashgraph is attempting to make this vision a reality with the release of HBAR, the first token powered by hashgraph consensus.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce that we’ve integrated the Hedera network, and will be supporting its native token in an HBAR/USD pair on the OKCoin platform. Starting September 16th at 6:00 PM PST, authorized OKCoin customers can deposit HBAR, with trading open a few hours later at 2:00 AM PST on September 17th. Withdrawal of HBAR will be available September 19th starting at 4:20 AM PST. For more information on the market schedule, please see our integration announcement

What value does HBAR offer OKCoin users?

In addition to expanding the DLT ecosystem, HBAR supports a vibrant developer community. The developers behind the Hedera Hashgraph network itself have already achieved a number of notable milestones including, most recently, open-sourcing the mirror node code. The team has also established the Hedera Governing Council, a robust cross-industry council that will include 39 organizations across 18 different industries, and currently includes IBM, Tata Communications, Magalu, Swisscom Blockchain, FIS, DLA Piper, Deutsch Telekom, Nomura, and Boeing. The council will manage the initial nodes, govern software changes, and maintain the stability of the network. 

The diverse expertise among these enterprises suggests that the project team is prioritizing utility and even planting the seeds for mass adoption. This model may also increase institutional buy-in for Hedera, which could streamline the consumer experience and make the asset more viable for everyday transactions.

We make it easy to participate in what could be a niche market by allowing users to purchase crypto with currencies like the US dollar and euro. Our goal is to make virtual assets accessible to the world, and we believe providing a fiat gateway into crypto is an essential part of the equation. We are listing HBAR because it aligns with our mission; it is driving technical innovation in the industry and partnering with institutions that will help make crypto more mainstream. That’s why we’ve added an HBAR/USD pair to the OKCoin exchange — to ensure access to this asset for new and existing crypto users. 

Hedera Hashgraph opens access to its mainnet on Monday, September 16. To celebrate the event, Hedera will host a virtual event beginning at 7 PM ET. To register for the event, or learn more about the HBAR token, visit  Soon after, HBAR will be available to be traded on the OKCoin platform. 

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