How To Convert Bitcoin to USD

written by Geo Coelho

How To Convert Bitcoin to USD

Converting Bitcoin to USD is easier now than ever with OKCoin.

Converting BTC to USD is simple

Liquidity is a crucial element in sustaining any financial market. Without it and a market is dead or in a death-spiral toward non-existence. Whether you are moving Bitcoin to USD for gain (profit), an emergency situation, or reallocation of investment funds, it’s important to know how it works. 

Converting Bitcoin to USD or USD into BTC is a simple process and one of the most common transactions in the cryptocurrency market.

Exchanges like OKCoin have removed much of the complexity surrounding Bitcoin to USD transactions, making it easy for beginners. View the current conversion rate live so you know how much fiat or Bitcoin you will receive following completion of the transaction. 

Better yet, you can complete a transaction in a few clicks and rest assured that the interaction is always secure end-to-end. Data security is important so OKCoin uses a microservices architecture to authenticate and authorize every access request made to your account.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are without a doubt the safest and best option for the novice cryptocurrency investor, because they emphasize user-friendliness. Here are some key points to keep in mind when converting btc to usd.

BTC/USD: Research, assess and be decisive

Do your research and stay informed. These two components make up two-thirds of an investor’s time before coming to a decision — perhaps more. 

You should examine the 7-day, 30-day and 90-day windows for volume being traded. Review credible Bitcoin price charts and market activity happening on that day to better assess price movements ahead. OKCoin provides a clean and easy-to-read interface here.

Finally, check for resistance levels, a price-point at which holders may view as a prime selling position. This could give reason to wait and buy or take action and capitalize by selling off your position.

Timing the market is not a science per se. The only way to make educated and calculated moves is by staying abreast of news and current affairs around the world. Experienced traders are able to predict market downturns and potential uptrends via large-scale or global events that can shake economies.

After all your research and analysis, and when you are comfortable with the conversion rate and timing of the transaction, you can initiate and complete the process in just a click. Once the decision-making is out of the way, converting Bitcoin to USD is as easy as that.

BTC to USD to safe storage

After your Bitcoin is converted to USD, your fiat funds will be stored on the exchange. You can then withdraw to your bank account, as needed. If you are converting USD to bitcoin, you may want to move your new bitcoin to a more secure storage solution, such as a hardware wallet as soon as possible.

Converting BTC to USD should not be a difficult need to fill. The Bitcoin/USD pairing is the most prominent pairing in the world. 

For current clients, you can log-in to OKCoin now and complete a transaction in seconds. You can also track bitcoin on OKCoin via desktop or the OKCoin mobile app.
For the most comprehensive and seamless fiat-to-crypto trading experience, give OKCoin’s Premier account a test drive today.

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