How Okcoin Lists Tokens and Makes Them Available Worldwide

written by OKCoin

How Okcoin Lists Tokens and Makes Them Available Worldwide

At OKCoin, our mission is to make digital assets accessible to the world. From the inception of our business, this goal has been at the forefront of every decision we made — including which tokens to list. Our users have made it clear they want a wealth of options they can access via fiat currencies and stablecoins. That’s why you’ll find newer tokens listed side-by-side with more established ones like Bitcoin, all paired against either fiat currencies or stablecoins. With our list of tradable tokens due to expand further in 2019, we want to shed some light on just how we choose which digital assets make the cut.

Best Practices

Before choosing any token to list on OKCoin, there are some internal guidelines we follow to ensure that our users are getting the most diverse and secure experience possible. Regulatory compliance is paramount to our mission, so first and foremost, any digital currency in our marketplace must comply with local laws where we operate.

In addition to complying with regulations, there are two other characteristics tokens must possess: utility and technicalsoundness. In other words, token projects should have clear use cases and be functional. This is to prevent exposing users to tokens that may not have proper track records yet.

The Listing Process

Our no-cost listing process starts with the token listing form, where project leaders share their philosophy, organizational history, and communities. Once our legal and compliance teams are satisfied that all regulations are met, each token is then evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Then we work closely with the project team to seamlessly integrate it into our platform. At this time, we only support fiat or stablecoin base pairs to more effectively meet our users’ needs.

After a token is listed, we work with the token community to drive awareness and adoption. If a token deviates from our best practices, OKCoin reserves the right to remove it from our marketplace, though we will make every effort to provide users with enough advance notice.

As we add more assets to our marketplace in the coming months, we want our users to be prepared and empowered to trade new tokens as soon as they are live. Our global crypto marketplace is uniquely situated to bring our users digital assets with the potential to change the world. With our listing practices securely in place, users can trade with confidence.

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