Free Bitcoin For You and Your Friends

written by OKCoin

Free Bitcoin For You and Your Friends

How to earn free bitcoin with your referral link 

Start investing and trading with free BTC! Easily invite friends and other traders to OKCoin with your unique referral link to earn free bitcoin. Once your link is used and a deposit is made, you’ll get bitcoin added to your account. Tell your friends: setting up a new account on OKCoin is easy, and we just made it even faster to deposit funds. We also have industry-low trading fees.

There are two referral programs: 

Referring your crypto-curious friends

  • For friends who are curious about tokens and considered to be low-volume traders. 
  • When your invitee deposits and trades $100 or more in 180 days, you and your friend will both receive $10 in BTC. 
  • Earn $10 USD of free bitcoin for every new customer who deposits just USD $100 into their account. We’ve lowered the amount that the new user must deposit from USD $500 to $100 in order for your referral bonus to be triggered. 
Refer a Friend

Referring high-volume traders 

  • Apply for our new Affiliate Share program to unlock premium rewards like receiving 30% of your invitee’s trading fees for their first 90 days of trading
  • Your invitee will get rewarded with $10 in BTC when they trade $3,000+ within the first 180 days of becoming an OKCoin user.
Affiliate Share

How does it work?

  • To qualify as a Valid Invite, your friend must complete the following within 180 days:
    Register and pass Identity Verification (KYC) Level 2.
    Deposit $100 or more fiat on OKCoin and trade $100 or more worth of crypto.
  • Once your friend has become a Valid Invite, both inviter and invitee will be rewarded $10 worth of BTC.
  • The rewards are distributed daily at 4am (PST).
  • Malicious trading, the use of multiple accounts, or any other behaviors to gain an unfair advantage will result in the forfeiture of rewards.

Invite friends to OKCoin by using your unique referral link. Log in and start inviting friends to trade! 

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