Find us at Adopting Bitcoin and LABitConf in El Salvador

written by Stephane Marbeau

Find us at Adopting Bitcoin and LABitConf in El Salvador

There can be no bitcoin adoption without bitcoin education, so we’re sponsoring two conferences in El Salvador that are focused on just that. See you there!


  • There will be two conferences during the El Salvador Bitcoin week, Novembre 15-20
  • We’re sponsoring both conferences, and will be have speakers and booths at both
  • Our CEO, Hong Fang, will speak at the Adopting Bitcoin conference about what she sees coming next for Bitcoin and Lightning and Pablo Magro will speak at LABitConf 🔥

Adopting Bitcoin

The super cheap and fast Bitcoin transactions Lightning allows are key to bringing Bitcoin to developing countries, where the lack of financial infrastructure hurts unprivileged people the most. Without Lightning, El Salvador could never have made bitcoin legal tender – and it’s thanks to a Lightning wallet that 3 million Salvadorans have gained exposure to BTC, in less than a month after the law came into effect. So it makes sense that the first Lightning conference in the last two years would happen in El Salvador. The conference is fittingly called Adopting Bitcoin and will gather the biggest names in Bitcoin and Lightning from November 16-18. Our CEO Hong Fang will be speaking Wednesday Nov 17 at 2pm. 👀

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The proceeds of Adopting Bitcoin will be used to support independent Lightning developers, and that matters a lot to us. As we showed in our Giving back to Bitcoin ebook, supporting developers is key to Bitcoin’s success since their work of securing an increasingly bigger monetary network is all done on a volunteer basis. That’s why we have already spent more than 1$ million in supporting open source Bitcoin development, and keep looking for opportunities to invest in the future of the space. 🚀

Learn more about our Open Source Developer Grant program


The Latin America Bitcoin Conference (LABitConf) is Latam’s oldest and longest running crypto conference. It’s been held in many different Latam countries and, this year, it’s logically happening in El Salvador, the first country in the world to make bitcoin legal tender. The scope of La Bit Conf is larger than just Bitcoin though, and heavyweights from all parts of the crypto world will be present, both on stage and in the audience. The program includes a hackathon, a business fair, an art stage, and more. We will have our own Pablo Magro speaking and a booth, so come say hello if you’re around! 🎉

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