Discovering our brand

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Discovering our brand

A note about Okcoin’s new look from CMO Haider Rafique.

Great brands don’t sell dog food. They inspire you to love dogs more than ever before. They don’t sell shoes. They help you believe in yourself enough to achieve things you never thought possible. 

Brands are a nascent commodity in the world of crypto. We’re creating an entirely new financial system for the first time that lives on the internet. It’s now time to bridge the gap between those on the inside, and the rest of the world. This will take time, and more than just memes and rocket emojis on Reddit. It requires us all to have intention, to be bold and different. That is the essence of Okcoin, and it means a whole lot more than a logo — but we’re pretty excited about our new logo too. 

About the new us. Our logo is a tribute to dualism in representing both ancient coins and the creation of crypto. More importantly our new logo comes with intention, a constant reminder that we must serve as a bridge between the old vs. the new. It gives us a sense of shared purpose, and permission to follow our instincts and to stay true to who we are. We are here to create a simpler path for people on the outside to enter this new financial system.

The journey

I joined Okcoin a year ago. It was mostly a trading platform with advanced tools for day traders to access crypto markets. There was clearly a gap in what we were, and who we wanted to be. We set our sights on becoming the place that would help everyone buy their first bit of bitcoin in addition to offering traders advanced tools. During the same time, we also saw unprecedented growth in the crypto market, bringing a new wave of first-time investors to our platform compared to the previous year. 

Today, investors in 184 countries around the world choose us for:

  1. An easy way to buy crypto and earn high interest on your holdings 
  2. Discover and access popular assets like Stacks, Avax and others
  3. Our stance on protecting and funding bitcoin  

To say we learned a lot through this growth is an understatement. It was also a sign that our early vision wasn’t fantasy. Crypto is not for gamers and gamblers anymore. Young, old, male, female — we’re ALL ready for a better, more inclusive future of finance. 

Commitment to imagination

Crypto has evolved so much in this past year, not to mention the last five. But amidst all the change, the voice of this industry hasn’t changed very much. It is primarily insiders talking to insiders about technical innovations. Our team is here to change that, and we call on our colleagues across this industry to do the same. We need to tell stories that resonate with not just developers and early adopters, but the billions of people on earth who’ve never even heard of bitcoin and the fundamental way it can change how we understand money. This is a moment for us all to infuse imagination into our industry in a whole new way. 

The future will be ok

Of course, it’s not enough to just update your brand and voice. These changes are just an outward manifestation of the work we’ve been doing for years to deliver crypto to the world in powerful ways. We’ve built a vast, international and incredibly diverse team that better represents the people who use our products every day, people like you. We’ve worked to reduce our trading fees to some of the lowest in the industry, so you can hold on to more of your wealth. And we’ve invested in building a more reliable exchange, so you never have to worry about downtime affecting your ability to invest. 

These changes are just the beginning of a new story. There’s still a lot of work to be done as we build this future together. Today is the beginning of the first day of a clearer intention. Starting with a new look, we are now committed to building a platform that connects the old to the new, and opens up the future of finance to billions of new people. 

We hope you’ll join us on this journey. 

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