Bringing the highest software standards to Okcoin

written by Melvin Laguren

Bringing the highest software standards to Okcoin

Our DART engineering team is dedicated to ensuring our software quality meets the highest standards. Here’s what they do and how you can join. 😎


  • Despite market downturn we’re still building and hiring 💪
  • The DART team is made out of DevOps, Automation, Release, and Triage engineers
  • Each sub-team has a specific role in taking our software quality to the highest level
  • We’re currently hiring for DevOps, Automation, and Triage roles


What’s DART engineering?

While other crypto companies have changed courses during the bear market, we’re still building and hiring at a healthy pace. One team that is actively hiring at Okcoin is the DART Engineering team. DART combines:

  • DevOps engineers
  • Automation engineers (QA)
  • Release engineers
  • Triage engineers

The goal of the DART team is to ensure the quality of the software before and after it’s been released. To achieve this, the DART team provides the necessary tools to ensure the engineering team can deliver and deploy code of the highest quality. This is part of our focus on building a shift left testing culture.

How DART engineering works

“Controls don’t slow the business down. Like brakes on a car, controls allow you to go faster.” Stephen Katz, former CISO of Citibank

Using Katz’ car analogy to explain the goals of DART engineering and the role of each team within it:


This team focuses on how to get the car from the factory to the dealership in the exact same condition. This is similar to how DevOps engineers build CI/CD pipelines guaranteeing that the same build artifact can go smoothly from the development environment to the production environment.


Our automation engineers ensure that the car is ready to be taken on a test drive. They test drive the car just like the customer would.


Our release engineers are a bit like car dealership managers. They approve the terms and conditions delivering the car to the customer.


With newer models, both the customer and the customer service department are informed when there is an issue with a car. With similar feedback, the DART team builds the next CI/CD pipeline to nurture that feedback loop and continuously improve our platform.


We’re currently hiring for the following roles, but check our job listings for the latest. All roles come with industry leading perks. 👀

  • Software Engineer, DevOps
  • Software Engineer, Automation
  • Software Engineer, Triage

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