Okcoin now owns and operates an “Unstoppable Domain”

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Okcoin now owns and operates an “Unstoppable Domain”
Bitcoinhalving.crypto is our first foray into decentralized domains

On this historic day of the 3rd bitcoin halving, we are announcing a new partnership with Unstoppable Domains, which begins with the launch of “bitcoinhalving.crypto” – a new censorship-resistant website that will host our bitcoin halving tracker. 

To access bitcoinhalving.crypto, simply download this chrome extension and type “bitcoinhalving.crypto” in your chrome browser to see the site. You can also type it into opera for android, and it will work. 

We’re extremely excited to be the first crypto exchange to take advantage of the new “.crypto” domain, as we begin to  leverage their technology to provide more uninterrupted access to our customers. 

With all eyes on the Bitcoin halving, we have a great opportunity to highlight the true potential and value-system of blockchain technology to a wider audience. Decentralized DNS systems provide us with the ability to migrate from the complete dependency on the current DNS service providers and certificate authorities. We see this initiative as a start to a deeper exploratory journey and new ways to make OKCoin experiences accessible to a global customer base. 

Why is a decentralized internet important?

Being the one true domain owner eliminates some existing issues with the current set-up, in particular, the ability for someone else to seize your domain or block your content. For example, ICANN, which manages how computers route to web addresses via DNS, has been identified in the past of being put in a position of “regulating speech” online. In addition, this also means that you don’t need to trust a certificate authority to tell you whether the web address you are visiting is valid.

The ability to fully own your domain is powerful in itself; however, there is one more benefit. Payments can be mapped to this new type of blockchain domain e.g. “send money to jason.crypto”, allowing anyone to bypass a complicated system of remembering crypto addresses.

How does this fit into our mission?

Our broader mission is to contribute to an ecosystem that is simple, inclusive, and transparent—

enabling financial freedom worldwide. This is part of our continued efforts to engage and expand our involvement in the broader crypto ecosystem.
We’ve experimented in the past – whether it’s via OK Let’s Build, where we donated towards developers in Bitcoin, BCH or BSV, or with our independent developer grants to support open source developers. This time, by partnering with Unstoppable Domains in an unconventional way, we’re taking an early bet that this will develop into something more widely used over time.

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