Bitcoin News, and Why It Matters

written by Geo Coelho

Bitcoin News, and Why It Matters

Tracking crypto news is an essential part of managing your digital asset portfolio.

Tracking Bitcoin news

A search query for Bitcoin news turns up well over 100 million results. Bitcoin news, like the reach of the digital currency itself, is global. News and current affairs from around the world can play a factor in the overall value and demand placed on Bitcoin.

Negative regulatory rulings by a securities commission or restrictive policy-making, as two more common examples, can drastically swing the price of Bitcoin, sometimes overnight.

On the other hand, positive outlooks and the passing of progressive legislation can create a supportive environment for proliferation and growth in value.

Tracking the latest Bitcoin news is necessary to stay ahead of potentially valuation-moving news. If not, making Bitcoin predictions is impossible and so too will be capitalizing on gains.

Bitcoin knows no borders and isn’t governed by the same mechanics as traditional sovereign currencies. With that comes a unique set of variables that can affect the price of a single bitcoin.

Bitcoin futures

Projecting the climb or pullback of any asset — let alone an asset such as Bitcoin — requires a global view of information and policy-making. Anyone looking at options on Bitcoin futures should know the regulatory, legal and policy-making environment in their local area.

Just the same as futures trading in commodities or indexes, Bitcoin futures allow you to speculate on the future price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin futures allow investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin without having to hold the underlying cryptocurrency. 

In futures trading, you can ‘buy’ bitcoin if you think the cryptocurrency will rise in value, which is called going long. Or you can choose to ‘sell’ if you think it will fall over time, which is called going short or shorting.

In addition, because you’re dealing with derivatives rather than bitcoin itself, there’s no need to deal with Bitcoin wallets. This simplifies the process for those investors who don’t wish to learn or dabble in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

In futures trading, an investor takes cash instead of physical delivery of Bitcoin once the contract is settled.

OKCoin was one of the earliest providers of Bitcoin futures contracts, launching a beta program in 2014. At the time, OKCoin was one of the first major bitcoin exchanges in the world to enable its users to trade futures denominated in bitcoin.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) started offering Bitcoin futures at the start of 2020.

According to data from the CME, the average daily volume of Bitcoin futures contracts was about 11,000 in December 2020. This was up from a little over 5,000 the same time the year previous.

Bitcoin predictions

Bitcoin predictions are the reality for something as unprecedented as the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency. 

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