Our Bitcoin 2021 conference recap

written by mandyzcampbell

Our Bitcoin 2021 conference recap

We’re back from the biggest bitcoin event in history and the first major in-person crypto gathering in over a year. Over 12,000 people met in Miami to talk about bitcoin: how far we’ve come since Satoshi’s white paper in 2010, where we’re going, and everything in between.

Whether you attended Bitcoin 2021 and want to relive some highlights or you stayed home and want a TL;DR, we’ve got you covered with this recap.

Our CEO Hong Fang spoke on how we’re giving back to Bitcoin

In the “Giving Back to Bitcoin” panel moderated by legendary bitcoin advocate Matt Odell, Hong announced our latest funding for Bitcoin development, which includes $100K to Brink, as part of Okcoin’s continued support for the network’s growth and adoption.

“Bitcoin is the money of freedom,” as Hong said during the main stage’s panel – and that’s a big part of our motivation in dedicating almost $1M to open source developers behind Bitcoin over the last year.

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Our CMO Haider Rafique made the case for Bitcoin smart contracts

Together with Patrick Stanley of Freehold, Haider spoke to a jam-packed room about smart contracts being the utility that brings the next wave of bitcoin adoption.

Formerly at Stacks, which enables users to build applications and smart contracts on Bitcoin, Patrick further explained how giving developers “superpowers” like the Stacks network and Okcoin’s developer grant is the key to improving Bitcoin’s usability.

Haider also joined Anthony Pompliano on his podcast to talk Okcoin’s brand, listing strategy, and more.

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We gave three attendees $10K in BTC

Hundreds of attendees participated in our #Bitcoin2021 giveaway by posting selfies with the new Okcoin swag they got in their attendee bags. Three winners were selected at random for $10K in bitcoin during each day of the conference weekend. Congrats to our winners!




We’re helping Miami take the mask off of Wall Street and central banks

Across Miami, our new campaign calls for a better financial system. Central banks and stock exchanges have held our money hostage for long enough and we’re relaying the message from billboards, LED screens, and posters around the city. If you’re in Miami, you can catch these displays through June.

Want $20 in bitcoin to start your portfolio? Create an account and make a deposit in June, and we’ll drop the bitcoin into your account.

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