A New Way to Earn Free Bitcoin

written by OKCoin

A New Way to Earn Free Bitcoin

We’ve got a new way for you to earn free bitcoin with our OKCoin airdrops 

OKCoin airdrops are the second easiest way for you to earn free bitcoin (the easiest is our referral program). We added more DeFi tokens to our exchange for you to buy, and to celebrate, we’ve launched airdrops that bring DeFi and bitcoin together. Now, when you buy any of our DeFi assets: COMP, DOT, YFI, UNI, you can receive free bitcoin, airdropped to your OKCoin account. 

Airdrops are free deliveries of crypto and our new airdrop program gives you $25 BTC and $100 of free BTC when you buy DeFi assets on OKCoin. This is the only live bitcoin airdrop right now, so don’t miss out. 

Here’s how it works: 

Buy one (or all) of our newly listed DeFi assets and receive $25 or $100 of BTC airdropped to your OKCoin account.

Get $25 worth of free bitcoin: buy any DeFi token on OKCoin

Buy any newly listed DeFi token on OKCoin and you’ll qualify for our $25 BTC OKCoin Airdrop. Every Friday, OKCoin will randomly select 100 people who have purchased one or more of our DeFi assets to receive $25 worth of BTC airdropped to their account. Buy COMP, DOT, YFI, UNI to participate in the airdrop now! 

Get $100 worth of free bitcoin: buy $1,000 worth of one or more DeFi tokens

Be one of the first to buy a total of $1,000 or more of our newly listed DeFi assets (as defined below), and you’ll receive a $100 bonus in BTC. Buy, sell, or trade any combination of DeFi tokens that totals $1,000.

For more details, view our airdrop support page and general terms & conditions.

How to buy DeFi: 6 steps
  1. Log into your account. Don’t have an OKCoin account yet? Setting one up is easy, and it’s only three minutes to fund your account.
  2. Fund your account: click “assets” at menu, top right
  3. Deposit funds from your bank account or transfer crypto — takes 3 minutes
  4. Click “Trade” at the top menu 
  5. Choose your asset from the list at left — new DeFi assets marked with 🔥
  6. Buy your crypto asset
Trade crypto on OKCoin buy bitcoin buy DeFi assets

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