20 Days to 2020: Prove Your Favorite Proof of Work Asset

written by Lee Decker

20 Days to 2020: Prove Your Favorite Proof of Work Asset

Every year when you go home for the holidays, your family gets a little more knowledgeable about crypto. This year, you may finally have the opportunity to have one or more of them believe in the future of digital assets as you gather together to celebrate.

We list eight PoW assets on OKCoin. And we’re giving you two chances to win. Choose one for each set below and reply to our tweet by telling us the best thing you can say about it to that person in your family who may finally start purchasing and trading crypto in 2020. 

For each set, weโ€™ll choose one answer we find best proves that PoW asset to win a Casa Node, valued at $300 + $25 worth of that asset deposited into your OKCoin account.

  • Set one: BTC, ETH, ETC, and LTC
  • Set two: ETC, BSV, BAT, and ZEC

Entry period: 9:00am PT, on Friday, December 13 through 8:59am PT on Saturday, December 14. Weโ€™ll choose and contact winners via Twitter DM by end-of-day on December 14. Winnersโ€™ names will be posted here within a week of confirming eligibility.

Then be sure to check in tomorrow around 9:00 am PT for your next chance to win!

Your participation in this promotion constitutes your acceptance and agreement to the Terms and Conditions.

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