20 Days to 2020: Full List of Reward Recipients

written by Lee Decker

20 Days to 2020: Full List of Reward Recipients

Congratulations to the following winners of our 20 Days to 2020 campaign! All winners are listed by their Twitter handle unless otherwise stated. And thank you to everyone who participated. We’re so fortunate to have an amazing community. Cheers to a new decade together!

Day 1: Announcing #20DaysTo2020! RT for a chance to win $50 in BTC!

  1. Espgonma
  2. Steffanoferrari
  3. King_Arku
  4. DyubsE
  5. Cryptpump

Day 2: Prove your favorite proof of work asset!

  1. EndtimeProphet2
  2. Holasoyviswa

Day 3: #WhyDoYouCrypto? Share why you love crypto for a chance to win $50 in BTC

  1. ActionboyV
  2. DustyLoooza
  3. PathareDayawant

Day 4: Sum up the decade using only emojis

  1. OOttakringerSec

Day 5: Guess the price of Bitcoin on January 1, 2020 for a chance to win $1000 in BTC!

  1. OOttakringerSec
  2. davidsrizna
  3. Moneydrops3
  4. UncleDron
  5. Cryptonewo

Day 6: Win up to $150 worth of HBAR with our HBAR token quiz!

  1. Marina_vivar
  2. CryptoRizwan
  3. BarHBARian

Day 7: Ho ho ho-dl! Give a holiday song, phrase, story, or character a crypto spin

  1. Izzy8013
  2. Ixkillerx
  3. Dusty Looza

Day 8: XRP, XLM, and DCR — Choose one and make your case

  1. Kritika_shelby
  2. CrytpoI
  3. Apo362019

Day 9: Win up to $250 in BTC with the OKCoin virtual scavenger hunt!

  1. Marina_vivar
  2. Sergey15836980
  3. Mayakum63915673
  4. MailenAlvarez99
  5. JuliKamiya

Day 10: Gifts for GIFs! Share your favorite crypto gift of the decade!

  1. King_Arku (winner!)
  2. SamyShedrach (runner-up)
  3. Strat_moon (runner-up)
  4. Airtiger_1 (runner-up)

Day 11: Guess which stablecoin might be coming to OKCoin

  1. Cryptpump
  2. Mariammgouveia
  3. Paulofreitas84
  4. Ellen8670

Day 12: Stake your claim on your favorite proof of stake asset!

  1. AiryOrange
  2. Marina_vivar
  3. HGerbal
  4. Winner notified: unconfirmed

Day 13: Make your own crypto longshot prediction for 2020

  1. EndtimeProphet2

Day 14: Sign up for our newsletter and keep up with us this next year

  1. Ind3lible
  2. ActionboyV
  3. mercurio_mining

Day 15: Share where you get your crypto news and inspiration!

  1. Ind3lible (winner!)
  2. Nahnask (runner-up)
  3. _doremicloud (runner-up)

Day 16: What Five Words Best Describe Your Year in Crypto?

  1. Nik_crypt7 

Day 17: If you have a verified OKCoin account and download the STASIS wallet , you can get 10 $EURS in your wallet

  • Day 17 reward recipients are listed here.

Day 18: Share the most interesting crypto fun fact you’ve learned this decade

  1. ___ximenes___

Day 19: We’ll randomly draw five of you who have entered, but not yet won to receive $25 worth of BTC

  1. Wirosasono31
  2. QueensOfTobby
  3. Neeelise_s
  4. Yvonnejolly1
  5. Winner notified: unconfirmed

Day 20: Share Your Best Motivational Message to the Crypto World for 2020

  1. Cryptoberto
  2. SirSaltyThe1st
  3. Sergiofreitas88
  4. AlberttGutierr2

Read more about our “20 Days to 2020” promotion here. And Get the full terms and conditions here.

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