12 days of crypto: Here comes our holiday giveaway

written by Stephane Marbeau

12 days of crypto: Here comes our holiday giveaway

12 assets. 12 days. Two promos. Over $50,000 in prizes. We’re listing a dozen new tokens leading into the holidays, and giving you a couple ways to bring home enough bitcoin to make anyone merry. 🎁


  • Who? All existing Okcoin customers outside of Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, European Union, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Brunei.
  • What? To celebrate the listing of 12 new assets leading into the holidays we’re launching two promos with over $50,000 in bitcoin prizes.
  • When? One promo starts November 30 at 9 am PT, the other December 1, 2021, at 9 am PT so get ready!

Guess the assets promo

December 6 at 9 am PT, we’ll start listing 12 new assets, one per day – and we’re just asking you to guess which ones you think it will be. To take part in that promotion, here’s what you should do:

  • Go to our landing page
  • Scroll down to select 12 assets you think we’ll list
  • Tweet you’ve participated in 12 days of crypto with the hashtag #ok12days.

Each of the 12 days, we’ll select 3 winners to receive $1,000 in bitcoin each. 

Submit your guesses

Be quick, this promo ends December 5 at 9pm PT! Terms apply

Twitter challenge promo

This promotion is even simpler to participate in:

  • Follow @Okcoin
  • Ask friends to like your #ok12days post by December 17 at 9pm PT.

That’s it! If your tweet is one of the most liked, you’re in to win up to $5,000 in bitcoin.

Tweet it out

If you’re lacking inspiration, here’s what the tweet could look like:

I’m watching @Okcoin list a dozen new assets this month in 12 days for the 12 DAYS OF CRYPTO. Retweet this to help me take home some bitcoin and follow along at go.okcoin.com/12days #ok12days

Terms apply for both promos. Learn more

Our 12 new assets

Here you’ll find the list of the assets we’ve announced, starting December 6 at 9 am PT, one day at a time.

Day 1: Enjin (ENJ)

Enjin Coin (ENJ) is the native token of the Enjin Network, a social gaming platform designed to make using non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) easy. ENJ is an ERC-20 token, built on top of Ethereum. The idea is simple: By minting an NFT, ENJ holders lock tokens in the asset; if or when the NFT is melted away, they get their coins back. There is a maximum supply of 1 billion ENJ, which will decrease the more NFTs are minted.


Day 2: Decentraland (MANA)

MANA is one of the two tokens of Decentraland, a virtual reality platform built on top of Ethereum. Decentraland allows users to create and monetize the experiences they build on parcels of virtual land (LAND). MANA is the ERC-20 token required to acquire LAND tokens. MANA is also used to buy a range of items on the platform such as avatars, names, and more.


Day 3: Chiliz (CHZ)

Chiliz is the native token of the sports entertainment platform Socios. Socios offers different fan tokens allowing sports fans to connect with their favorite clubs and take part in their governance. Chiliz has established partnerships with big sport institutions such as Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona, the UFC, and more. CHZ is used to buy the different fan tokens available on the platform.


Day 4: Gala (GALA)

GALA is the token of Gala Games, a blockchain gaming platform. Gala Games offers a selection of blockchain games allowing players to own game artifacts as NFTs and to take part in the games’ governance. It’s first game, Town Star, and NFT series, VOX, have already been released, with more coming shortly. Users who secure the network by running Gala Nodes are rewarded with GALA tokens and NFTs.


Day 5: Internet Computer (ICP)

ICP is Internet Computer’s native token. Internet Computer is a blockchain project aiming to run at web speed with theoretically unlimited capacity. Its goal is to recreate most web services in a decentralized manner, using smart contracts. ICP is used to pay for transaction fees on the network and to reward users participating in governance and securing the protocol.


Day 6: Loopring (LRC)

LRC is the token of Loopring, a protocol designed to help mitigate the limitations of decentralized crypto exchanges (DEX). To enhance their efficiency and their liquidity, Loopring settles trade orders on the blockchain by combining them in “order rings” of up to 16 trades. Loopring nodes get LRC rewards for combining individual orders into order rings and for maintaining public order books.


Day 7: The Graph (GRT)

GRT is the native token of The Graph protocol. Sometimes called “the Google of blockchains”, The Graph is an indexing protocol used to explore data from crypto networks like Ethereum. It powers lots of DeFi and Web3 apps. GRT is a “work token”: The Graph participants – such as indexers, curators, and delegators – use it to maintain the security of the network and the integrity of the data.


Day 8: Flow (FLOW)

FLOW is the native token of the Flow network. Flow is a developer-friendly blockchain project developed by the team behind CryptoKitties, Dapper Wallet, and NBA Top Shot. FLOW is the fuel powering the whole Flow ecosystem. Aiming for global adoption, Flow has partnered with top brands like Warner Music, NBA, UFC, as well as leading game and crypto developers such as Ubisoft and Opensea.


Day 9: Crypto.com Coin (CRO)

Crypto.com Coin (CRO) is a token built on top of Ethereum and developed by Crypto.com, a financial services company. CRO is mostly used to pay for transaction fees for Crypto.com’s mobile payment app for now but CRO holders can earn extra tokens when they stake their coins to secure the network. CRO cannot be mined and its total supply of 30 billion coins is currently all in circulation.


Day 10: TerraUSD (UST)

TerraUSD (UST) is a decentralized stablecoin pegged to the US dollar and built on the Terra blockchain. The goal of a stablecoin is to combine the benefits of a crypto with the stability of a fiat currency. When the value of 1 UST is above that of 1 USD, holders of Terra’s token, LUNA, can sell their coins to get UST – and inversely in the reverse case. This is how UST’s price remains stable.


Day 11: xBTC

xBTC is wrapped BTC on the Stacks 2.0 blockchain. xBTC was developed in partnership with Tokensoft and Anchorage, who provide best-in-class custody solutions for new digital assets on Stacks 2.0 via Wrapped. Stacks enables apps and smart contracts on the Bitcoin network, and xBTC is backed 1:1 by Bitcoin. xBTC offers a new way for developers and institutions to expand the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem.

Buy xBTC

Day 12: Arkadiko (DIKO)

DIKO is the governance token of Arkadiko. Arkadiko is a decentralized and non-custodial platform built on top of the Stacks blockchain where users can lock assets in exchange for its native USD stablecoin, USDA. Arkadiko aims to build the kinds of complex financial services found in DeFi, with the security of Bitcoin. DIKO tokens give their holders governance rights and a say in the platform’s future.


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