10 Reasons to Use OKCoin Crypto Exchange

written by OKCoin

10 Reasons to Use OKCoin Crypto Exchange

We compiled a list of things to consider when choosing OKCoin

We believe in building a future where people around the world have access to a new financial system. One where there are no borders. Anyone can join and be part of the value creation and financial upside, not just a small group of people. A world where anyone can be an investor with the right tools at their fingertips. You can transfer funds between your friends, family or business partners without having to deal with multiple banks and exuberant amounts of undisclosed fees.

That is the future we are helping build together with the rest of the builders in crypto. To accomplish this goal, we focus obsessively on things that matter to investors. This includes easy access to the crypto markets at the lowest cost and a reliable and secure platform that is intuitive and easy to use regardless of the level of your experience as an investor. 

Just this year we have launched new features to make it faster for you to fund your account, and added new crypto assets to buy, sell, and trade on OKCoin. 

There are a lot more reasons OKCoin is a great place for you to start your trading journey or choose us as a better place to trade and build your crypto portfolio. Here are the 10 things we are most proud of:

1. Lightning fast trades

Sometimes the markets move fast, and you want to be able to open a trade without waiting long for your account to be set up or for your wire transfer to clear. That’s why we built a platform where you can fund your account within 2 minutes! OKCoin has the least clicks and shortest signup of any crypto exchange.

2. Lowest exchange fees for buying and selling crypto

We’re committed to making it as easy as possible to get into crypto, so we’ve lowered the financial barrier. Our fees are among the lowest in the industry at 0.1% or lower.

3. Adding more and more new crypto assets for trading

As the crypto community moves, so do we; we’re always looking at new assets to list on our exchange platform. Recent additions to our asset offering include YFI, UNI, and COMP, and many more assets are currently under review. View our complete list of assets here.

4. Tools to dollar cost average and build a long term portfolio

With our recurring buy tool, you can set a buy order to add bitcoin to your portfolio in order to build your position over time. This is important for new and seasoned investors who want to dollar-cost average their position and reduce the impact of volatility on their purchases over time.

5. Free bitcoin giveaways

#OKCoinAirdrops are our way to reward and support OKCoin customers with free bitcoin. Learn how you can participate and get free BTC. We also give free BTC for all referrals made to OKCoin — read more.

6. Best uptimes so you’re not stuck waiting

We’re committed to ensuring that our customers can trade reliably. We plan for possible technical and human failures including stress testing and product simulations, scheduled maintenance and upgrades, and regular audits.

7. Licensed across the US with FDIC insurance on OKCoin accounts

We’re one of the few exchanges in the United States focused on winning licenses for every state. OKCoin is now licensed in 42 states for token-to-token trading and USD-to-token trading, and 5 states for token-to-token trading. We’re working hard to open up in all 50 states, find the full list here. OKCoin provides FDIC insurance for all USD deposits.

8. Backed by a world class team

OKCoin is built in San Francisco by a strong team with experience from Goldman Sachs, Uber, JPMorgan, Google, and more, along with many crypto enthusiasts. We think global, act local with offices in San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo, Malta, and Hong Kong.

9. Passionate supporters of the Bitcoin ecosystem

Over the past year, we’ve provided more than US $500k in grants to Bitcoin developers as part of our Open-Source Developer Grant program to secure the bitcoin network — which the crypto industry relies upon.

10. 24/7 customer service — we’re here to help!

No matter what kind of question you have, our global customer service team is available to support you. Reach us right away via our live chat option on the OKCoin.com homepage, or at support@okcoin.com. OKCoin was one of the first crypto exchanges to offer 24/7 support.

Buy bitcoinethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies on OKCoin in under 2 minutes.

Start trading.

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